I know it’s been awhile!

Well, after several weeks with no posts, I have decided it’s time to sit down and actually write something to let you all know I’ve not dropped off the face of the world! Life has been speeding along at a rapid pace, as I know it has been for many people, and I keep thinking that I will write…

Yesterday finally saw the arrival of a very big boy that we have been waiting on for several weeks. That is one reason I’ve not written-I kept thinking that we would have a baby announcement to post! But this little fellow wanted to take his good ol’ time.  We are grateful for his safe arrival, and glad to be able to see him on the “outside” at last.

At the moment, I am busily trying to wrap things up around here in order to be ready to take off for Guatemala this weekend. My intention in going is to help a missionary family with the birth of their baby. I’d appreciate your prayers for safe travels, and for God’s hand to be over us as we anticipate the arrival of this new little one! I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone…could be two weeks, or up to five…so it’s a bit challenging to have things taken care of back home for an unknown amount of time. It makes me grateful yet again for for wonderful midwives in the area who help me by covering and providing quality care for my clients that are left behind in my absence. So, if you contact me this month by phone, and wonder why I’m not answering, know you will know what’s up!

I know this is a rather interesting conglomeration of topics, but I figure I might as well catch you all up on several different areas. However, the best and biggest event going on in my life right now will be announced soon, so stay posted for another new announcement within a week or so.  🙂

Alright, in closing, I have to let you know that my friend and fellow midwife, Heidi, has started her own blog. It’s beautiful, and will give you more information about the services and care she offers. Check it out! http://www.createdforpraise.blogspot.com

While I’m giving you other links, if you are looking for a midwife in the Tulsa, OK area, you might want to check out the website of another friend of mine, Faith Morie. She has spent the past 8 months or so working for a midwife in Isreal, and is now back in OK getting her practice started. Pass her information on to anyone you think might be interested! http://www.borntobelovedbirth.blogspot.com

May you enjoy this beautiful day to the fullest!

2 thoughts on “I know it’s been awhile!

  1. That is so wrong to leave us hanging like that!!! I NEED to know about the best and BIGGEST event… come on. You can tell me! 🙂 So excited for whatever this announcement is. Have a blessed day and a wonderful time in Guatemala. May the Lord give you and the missionary family peace and a safe delivery. Have a very blessed trip!

    • Your comment makes me smile, RaShell. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement, and I promise to let you in on the other news very soon. You can check out the last note I published on my facebook page for a bit of an introduction….then maybe you’ll be able to make some guesses as to what the announcement is. 🙂 I’d love to see your family again!

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