Morning Sickness: Remedies, Suggestions & Research

As a mom who has struggled with severe morning sickness with most of my pregnancies, I know from experience how incredibly difficult and challenging those first months can be when you feel so miserable! In fact, the mere thought of going through those early weeks and months of sickness makes me desperate to find some type of relief to try. Because of this, I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading any new research, thoughts and suggestions that I can get my hands on regarding combating morning sickness over the past couple of years. My hope with this post is to help you understand what might be going on under the surface, and to provide you with a number of suggestions and resources so that you can hopefully find something that works for you!

Pre-conception Considerations: Things to Think About Before Getting Pregnant

My hope is that some of these suggestions can help you to achieve the healthiest pregnancy possible as you actively prepare your body for the amazing stress and strength that growing a baby places on your entire system-this is certainly worth seriously considering and prepping for, and I can guarantee you won’t regret any time and effort you invest before pregnancy!

Postpartum Rehab: Local Options, Tips, Introductions & Info!

Check out this post to have your questions answered about how pelvic floor therapists, chiropractors & movement instructors can benefit you during the postpartum months and beyond! All of these women are local to Centre County, and this post answers some common questions, gives you some tips & exercises to try, and connects you with REAL options for all your postpartum rehab needs!

2021 Year-End Update from Gentle Delivery

As I think back over this past year, it is with a sense of gratefulness for the ways that God has led, protected and provided. 2021 has included more complications, challenges and adrenaline rushes than I’ve ever had in one year’s time since I began practicing as a midwife 12 years ago!


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