Current Availabililty

Holding sweet baby E at just a few hours old!

Due to my busy, growing family, I am only able to take on a small number of clients per month.  My sixth child arrived at the end of March, and during this initial first year I will be limiting my travel time to within 15-20 minutes of my location in State College (some exceptions will be made to repeat families!). I will also not be taking first time moms or primary VBAC clients for the rest of 2023 and into 2024. Thanks for your understanding as I try to care for my family and balance midwifery work. 

Note: occasionally, due to unexpected schedule changes, miscarriages, a client move, etc. a spot becomes available during a month previously marked as full. You are welcome to check back later to see if an opening is available, or contact me to be added to the wait list for your due month. 

2023 Availability Calendar:

~For due dates during the following months~

April – August: On maternity leave to enjoy the arrival of our baby girl who was born at the end of March 2023!

September: full

October: full

November: Open (for nearby or local clients)

December: Open (for nearby/local clients)

January: Open

February: Open

March: Open

If you are interested in beginning a conversation about pursuing midwifery care, please send me an email with your due date, location, and a little bit about yourself (i.e. first or subsequent baby, previous maternity care, etc.).

Snuggling our fourth child soon after his birth.

For those seeking a midwife with due dates during the months I am unavailable, if you live outside of the radius in which I travel, or are a first time or VBAC mom,  I am happy to share referrals for other great midwives in the area-just email and ask for more information!

“I used Gentle Delivery Midwifery for the delivery of my daughter in 2019. I had a wonderful experience and felt consistently cared for and listened to. I consider Kelsey not only an incredible and capable midwife but also a friend. She is very organized, professional and above all considerate. I had my first child at a birthing center in another state. I would say both experiences were good but the home birth I had with Gentle Delivery was considerably more peaceful and overall a better experience. I felt safe in my home and in the hands of Kelsey. She is capable and experienced and so I went into birth knowing she was looking out me as well as for the life of my daughter. I knew she would not take unnecessary risk as well as push me towards fear based precaution. She trusts in her own midwifery experience and depth of understanding she has of birth as well as the instinct of the mother which is a very important combination. She also did a remarkable job throughout my care leading up to birth and after. She saw me as an individual and a mother and not just one of many patients. Because of the prenatal care she knew my personality and fears going into labor. She is kind, trustworthy, and excellent at the work she does. I highly recommend her!”


2 thoughts on “Current Availabililty

  1. I see your full for May unfortunately. Can you recommend someone . I’m due may 18th I get prenatal care right now thru a midwife at geisinger I know my medical insurance covers homebirth but I think it must be under the care of a OBGYN and I want a home birth, I live in Lewistown pa

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