If you are looking at my website for the first time, you may be wondering exactly what I do and what services I provide. Here’s an overview to give you an idea:

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Finding out baby’s weight during a newborn exam!

Midwifery Services:  My services encompass complete prenatal, labor & deliver, and postpartum care for low-risk women planning to deliver at home. This includes (but is not limited to!):

  • Support & availability throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.
  • Prenatal care at my home office in State College.
  • Access to my library of books, handouts and DVD’s.
  • All needed lab work.
  • Birth Kit with Disposable Supplies.
  • Home Visit at 36 weeks in order to see your planned birth location (either at your home or your location of choice) and ensure all supplies are ready for the birth.
  • Care and monitoring throughout your labor & delivery.
  • Thorough newborn exam and ongoing care, including metabolic screening tests, congenital heart defect screening and hearing screening.
  • Postpartum Visit at your home within 24-48 hrs. after birth.
  • Filing of all necessary paperwork.
  • Continued care and availability throughout the 6 week postpartum period.

“Born at Home” – 2 hrs old!

More detailed information is available-continue browsing this site, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact me with your questions!


Newborn exam performed on the couch with daddy looking on! Photo credit @ Linda Hummel Photography

For those interested in doula services, lactation consultants, childbirth education or other birth-related services, please ask, as I know of many lovely ladies I can refer you to!



“Words cannot express how incredible Kelsey is! I am so grateful that my home birth was attended to by this talented woman. God truly has blessed Kelsey with a gift, and such a gentle soul. Thank you, Kelsey! You have really made a lasting impression on me and my family.”


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