More Information about the Summer Childbirth Education Class

Alright, I finally have more detailed information regarding this summer’s childbirth education seminar. This all-day class will cover topics such as prenatal nutrition, exercise, explanation of the childbirth process, tips for couples on how to work together during labor, positions and comfort measures for labor and birth, suggestions on writing a birth plan, and much more! There will be opportunity for you to ask questions, meet other couples who are sharing similar experiences, and learn together about the miracle of birth. Designed especially to help those planning a natural childbirth, this class will help you to better understand and prepare for your upcoming birth from a Christian perspective. I strongly encourage couples to attend together, as well as any other support people who are planning to be present at your birth.

In order to enable the best concentration and involvement, please make other arrangements for your children, with the exception of nursing babies.

When: Saturday, July 10th, 2010
Schedule: 10am-Noon, break for lunch-we suggest you bring your own, as there aren’t many restaurants close by, 1pm-3pm
Location: the home of Heidi Nisly, cpm ~ 9101
W. Red Rock Road, Partridge, KS 67566
Cost: $75/couple (note: for those using Gentle Delivery Childbirth Services, this class is included in your total fee)

A workbook, drinks and snacks will be provided for your enjoyment!

Taught by Kelsey Hobbs, CPM
Please register by July 5th in order to ensure availability of materials.  Feel free to call if you need more information or have questions. Email: ~or~ phone: 316-253-0099    Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might be interested!

Summer Childbirth Classes- Date is set!

Just wanted to let you all know….I’m planning to teach another childbirth class seminar on Saturday, July 10th. There are a few more details that are in the process of being figured out before I give you all more info, but go ahead and mark your calendars and let me know if you are interested!!  Feel free to let others know, as well!     email:

Guatemala Adventures, pt 1

Greetings from Kansas once again! I had fully intended to do better at keeping this blog updated over the past few weeks, but due to a variety of reasons that didn’t happen. It was one of the most exciting Central America trips I have taken…and I am so grateful for God’s protection, care, and faithfulness. There’s too much to say in one post, so I’ll try to write more about it in a later post as well.

I left KS for Guatemala back on May 8, a bit earlier than planned, as the baby that I was going for was making signs of appearing sooner than expected. Usually, when going to that spot in Guatemala, I would need to fly into Guate City, take an overnight bus up to the northern Petén area of the country, catch another bus to head 4 hours to the town of El Naranjo, and from there catch a ferry across the river and drive another half hour or so, or take a boat from that spot….alot of traveling, to say the least! But since we felt time was crucial, I had the fun privilege of getting flown up to the town of El Naranjo by James, a pilot who works for the mission. This eliminated hours of travel, and after leaving KS at 6:30 am, I arrived at the destination that afternoon around 4 pm.

View of Guatemala City from the small plane's window

The plane on the small runway in El Naranjo

It was lovely to be back in Guatemala with some of my dear friends there! As we waited on baby’s arrival, I enjoyed time catching up with them, and getting a further glimpse of their life. A few days later, we headed out to a small town about 4 hours away, where we stayed awaiting the birth. This allowed us to be within half an hour of a hospital should complications occur. Little Alex José arrived on May 19, after a lovely first-time labor. One of my good friends, Ashley, who works as a nurse in a nearby clinic, was my assistant for the birth, and it was a special treat to get to work with her!

Little Alex a few days after birth

His first Sunday!

I ended up staying with Alex’s family for about a week after his birth, going with them back to the little village where they live….then when I tried to return home, things got interesting, as a result of several natural disasters that occured the weekend I tried to travel….but more pictures and those stories will come later!!

In closing, a big thank you to all of you who were praying for me, and kept in touch. It was an incredible opportunity, and dream come true to spend the time in Guatemala helping with a delivery!