Announcing Winter 2010 Natural Childbirth Class!!

This all-day class will cover topics such as prenatal nutrition, exercise, explanation of the childbirth process, tips for couples on how to work together during labor, positions and comfort measures for labor and birth, suggestions on writing a birth plan, and much more! There will be opportunity for you to ask questions, meet other couples who are sharing similar experiences, and learn together about the miracle of birth. Designed especially to help those planning a natural childbirth, this class will help you to better understand and prepare for your upcoming birth from a Christian perspective. I strongly encourage couples to attend together, as well as any other support people who are planning to be present at your birth.

In order to enable the best concentration and involvement, please make other arrangements for your children, with the exception of nursing babies.

When: Saturday, January 23rd
Schedule: 10am-Noon, break for lunch (on your own), 1pm-4pm
Location: Camp Hiawatha Chapel,1601 W 51st Street North, Wichita, KS 67204
Cost: $75/couple (note: for those using Gentle Delivery Childbirth Services, this class is included in your total fee)

A workbook, drinks and snacks will be provided for your enjoyment!

Taught by Kelsey Hobbs, CPM
Please register by January 17th, to ensure availability of materials. Feel free to call if you need more information or have questions. Email: ~or~ phone: 316-253-0099

Special Suggestions for first-time moms

This information is written specifically to give first time mothers suggestions for how to improve their chances at achieving a natural, easier delivery. Pregnancy and birth is such a special and exciting time, and it is also something to be prepared for ahead of time. It is good to keep in mind that a woman’s body was designed to give birth, and that, normally speaking, your body does know what to do to get the baby out. On the flip side, though, is the fact that this is the first time your body has ever experienced this process. Because of this, labor can sometimes last longer, and be more physically demanding, as your body takes the time it needs for all of the muscles and bones to work together and stretch to allow your baby to enter this world. If you have invested time and effort into preparing ahead of time, your body will benefit, both in the labor and recovery processes. Just think, you wouldn’t run a marathon without giving adequate training and preparation-and so it is with childbirth. You must condition your mind and body to give you the best results.

Throughout the pregnancy:

–          Read and educate yourself! Take childbirth classes, together with your husband. This will help you both to be informed about the physical and emotional processes, and allow you to discuss ideals, hopes, and dreams before labor begins. I believe that education can also help to reduce the level of pain, as it helps you to understand what is going on in your body, instead of fearing the unknown. The more you can find out ahead of time, the more able you will be to relax, knowing your body is doing what it was intended to do. There are many books, DVD’s, and classes available-talk with me if you need suggestions!

–          Eat a healthy diet. A diet full of good, healthful foods (vegetables, protein, and complex carbohydrates), and low in sugars, fats and simple carbohydrates, can help you in several areas. One, it doesn’t build a huge baby. A smaller baby is easier to push out! Secondly, it allows your body to be able to function at it’s optimal ability, as your energy level is increased. Thirdly, good nutrition can build better skin integrity, which decreases your chances of tears.

–          Exercise regularly. Exercise is an extremely important factor, as labor and birth are very much physical events. Stretching, and building up your endurance level throughout the pregnancy will enable you to persevere if your labor gets long and tiresome. Throughout the last few weeks, walking briskly (until your pelvis hurts!) for at least 45 min. every day, can help to encourage the baby’s arrival to happen sooner rather than later.

–          Practice relaxation. If you can learn to relax, go limp, and let your body work before labor begins, then the better able you will be to do this during labor. Remember, fighting pain and discomfort works against you during labor-you must open up, let go, and relax in order for your uterus to function the most efficiently. And the more efficiently it works, the easier it will be on you! In practicing, pick times of the day when you can work on letting each area of your body go limp. Find out what helps you to relax: water, music, massage, etc., and then have these available during labor.

During the last 5 weeks:

–          I encourage moms to take the following supplements:

  • Gentle Birth Formula ~ this is a specially formulated blend of herbs in a tincture form that work to help prepare the uterus for the upcoming birth. You begin at 35 weeks by taking 2 dropperfulls a day throughout the first week, and increasing the amount to 2 dropperfulls 3x/day for the remaining weeks. Mothers who take this herb usually have more “warm-up” contractions, which help the cervix to begin dilation and effacement before actual labor. This tincture can be purchased through In His Hands Birth supply at the same time that you order your birth kit.
  • Super Primrose Oil or Borage Oil ~ this supplement is in a soft-gel form, and you begin taking 1-2 capsules orally beginning at 35 weeks. Around 36-37 weeks, you may begin inserting one capsule vaginally at night when ready to go to bed. The high GLA content and natural prostaglandin that these oils contain helps the cervix to soften, making dilation easier. It’s a great way to give your body a head-start towards dilation!

In closing, remember to keep yourself hydrated, rest often, and take care of yourself. And when labor begins, try to get some rest before getting excited.   You need to conserve the energy for later. So think about some activities that provide fun distraction (games, movies, going out for supper, etc.), and try to focus on other things until the contractions become consistent and strong enough that you can’t be distracted through them….

Check out the new pages!

This post is to bring to your attention two new pages that have been added recently. The first is a short History of Midwifery article, which may help to explain some of the differences between the midwifery care model, and other forms of midwifery care. The second page provides you with more information about some of my assistants, and the people you may meet throughout your pregnancy. Enjoy!