Philosophy and Expectations

My birth philosophy:        

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Baby cuddles with little E. soon after birth! Photo credit @ Linda Hummel Photography

Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are natural God-given functions of the woman’s body. Birth itself is not a ‘medical condition’ but the normal process through which new life enters the world. For low-risk women, giving birth at home in an environment that she is comfortable with, combined with skilled attendants, can be an optimal choice to ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience.

When allowed to follow its natural course, pregnancy normally results in the birth of a healthy baby with a healthy mother. While having a trust that ultimately God is in control, and has designed the woman’s body to give birth, I also believe it is the responsibility of the midwife to provide qualified and responsible care. Occasionally, a critical situation arises during pregnancy or labor which necessitates specialized care that cannot be provided in a home setting. In these cases, it is imperative that the trust and communication between the client and midwife be such that each has confidence in the decisions that are made. Any decisions regarding options are yours to make, however there is a limit to what I am willing to take on as a responsible care provider. If and when those limits are reached, I will let you know immediately.


Daddy enjoying his new daughter! Photo credit @Linda Hummel Photography

My goal is to provide a safe, skilled option for those who desire to give birth outside of the hospital, and to assist families in making informed decisions regarding their medical care.

Expectations from clients:

Honesty is and clear communication concerning wishes and desires is expected from the clients. In deciding to use midwifery care, both parties are committing to a mutual standing of informed consent. You, the client, are committing to being a responsible healthcare consumer by weighing the risks and benefits of your choices throughout every step of your care. As your midwife, I commit to informing you of your status and options, discussing the pros and cons of each option, and assisting you in making the best decision based upon your individual situation. In making this commitment, it is expected that you as the client will follow the agreed upon course of action. Regular attendance of prenatal exams, as well as complying with suggested diet, vitamin and supplement instructions are additional expectations. I strongly encourage couples to attend prenatal exams together whenever possible so that both parents can be involved and informed.