Random Thoughts and Tidbits

I was thinking that by this time I might have another baby announcement, but the next arrival hasn’t made his/her appearance yet! However, I do seem to stay plenty busy these days seeing expectant mamas, answering numerous phone calls and emails, and keeping up with life in general. I’ve thought I’d get some articles written to post before now, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it will happen sometime this week?

This past week, as I was searching for new material to share in Childbirth Class, I stumbled upon this website: http://www.thebirthfacts.com   While not written from the home-birth standpoint, it had a variety of useful information. As a disclaimer, I’ll mention that it is wise to take things read on the web with a grain of salt (my comments included!). Do your research, and get your information from a variety of sources!

Speaking of childbirth classes, I am in the process of planning for an all-day class sometime towards the end of January. We’ll cover everything from nutrition, exercise, the physiological process of labor and birth, relaxation and positional techniques to help with pain, what to expect, how the father can play a vital role…..and much more! I’m getting excited about it, and would love to get your input as to things you would like to see covered. Or perhaps you’ve taken classes before, and have some suggestions? Let me know!! Once I have the date and time set, I’ll be sure to give out more information….

And in closing, since I enjoy baby pictures, here’s another one to share-this little one just celebrated her 2nd birthday this month!


Maria Ana-2 hours after birth!



New Arrival!!

A big welcome to little Andrew who was born late last night!


Time for the newborn exam.



He's a cute, cuddly little one-can't hardly resist a kiss....



An extra treat-the first birth for Heidi and I to do together since graduating from our midwifery studies! We trained together at FBS in TX, and never expected to work together in KS someday, but God put it all together!!



Just a couple of hours old!

Back in Kansas again

After a full month in Guatemala, my younger sister and brother and I have arrived safely back in Kansas.  The trip was a wonderful experience, and we made many special memories together. God worked out so many details, and I enjoyed introducing my siblings many of my friends, and places that I had visited before. We studied at the La Ensenañza school in Antigua for three weeks, and then headed to the northern Petén region where we visited friends for a week. Getting to experience life in another culture without many of the conveniences that we are used to is an opportunity that I wish many people could experience!

Now I’m back to work, getting ready for a couple of upcoming births, seeing clients and babies, and numerous other activities that have been keeping me busy since arriving back in the States.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the trip, to give you a taste of what our life was like….

The Archway-an old, beautiful landmark in Antigua

One of the beautiful, old landmarks in the town of Antigua


Santa Elena Market

A view of some of the delicious fruit available in the markets.


Petén, Guatemala

Isaac, Charis and I


Guatemala October 09 204

Some of the lovely handiwork available in the markets-the colors are gorgeous!