Back in Kansas again

After a full month in Guatemala, my younger sister and brother and I have arrived safely back in Kansas.  The trip was a wonderful experience, and we made many special memories together. God worked out so many details, and I enjoyed introducing my siblings many of my friends, and places that I had visited before. We studied at the La Ensenañza school in Antigua for three weeks, and then headed to the northern Petén region where we visited friends for a week. Getting to experience life in another culture without many of the conveniences that we are used to is an opportunity that I wish many people could experience!

Now I’m back to work, getting ready for a couple of upcoming births, seeing clients and babies, and numerous other activities that have been keeping me busy since arriving back in the States.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the trip, to give you a taste of what our life was like….

The Archway-an old, beautiful landmark in Antigua

One of the beautiful, old landmarks in the town of Antigua


Santa Elena Market

A view of some of the delicious fruit available in the markets.


Petén, Guatemala

Isaac, Charis and I


Guatemala October 09 204

Some of the lovely handiwork available in the markets-the colors are gorgeous!



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