Praising God for perfect timing!

This week has been a crazy one…I arrived back in the states on Monday night after a wonderful time with dear friends in Costa Rica, and since that time I’ve been away from home the majority of the week! I had a long list of things to accomplish during the six days I was in Kansas, and I found out the night I returned that a baby was waiting on me as well. After putting around 1000 miles on my car, between trips all over Kansas and Oklahoma to perform prenatals, visit with people, and trying to deliver a baby, I am almost ready to leave for Guatemala in the morning. The biggest answer to prayer was the safe arrival of a precious baby boy on Friday evening-the way God worked that timing out during the few days I was home is incredible! Prayers would be appreciated as I head south again tomorrow morning with two of my younger siblings. I hope to post a few updates along the way during these next four weeks, and we are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us!

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