Photos from a home birth…

First, I have to mention that I am still excited about the special birth I had the honor of assisting with early yesterday morning. It was one of Heidi’s clients, and after much prayer and anticipation, we were thrilled to witness a lovely VBAC-it was a beautiful birth anyway, but the fact that it was her first vaginal birth following a c-section with her first pregnancy added an extra-special dimension. I barely made it, with only 20 minutes or so to spare!

Now, I’m excited to finally have pictures to post of a birth that occurred back in January. This mama had a photographer there, and has generously allowed me to use some of the photos in order to share her experience with others. Thanks, Kristina!

So, for those of you who enjoy pictures, or are just curious to know a little more about what a home birth looks like, here you go….

Mom was laboring in the tub as the birth was getting closer, with her support people and myself surrounding her

Doppler and other supplies sitting nearby

My dear assitant, Heidi, stands ready to lend a hand when needed, as an aunt peeks in to check on progress

Heidi charting progress as the labor continues

This mama worked beautifully with her contractions, allowing her body to relax and open

Baby Z in mom's arms just moments after birth

All snuggled up and meeting various family members

I begin the newborn exam, while Heidi charts in the background

Taking all his important measurements


Heidi and I after everything is finished

Mom and baby enjoying some time together

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