Random Life Happenings…

Well, my hopes to keep up with blogging a post at least once a month fell to the wayside this summer! My big plans and ideas came to a rather screeching halt when we found out that we have another little one on the way…soon after that discovery I was sick enough with morning sickness that I found it hard to keep anything up besides the bare minimum! I’m very grateful to be past the 1st trimester by now, and we’re anticipating our new arrival to make his/her appearance come early March. This news does, of course, have ramifications for midwifery-at this point I am taking clients until the beginning of February, and will then take time off until May. For updates on my client schedule for the next months, feel free to check out the “current availability” tab.

We had a fun family trip out to KS for my sister’s wedding at the beginning of July. All of my immediate family (along with much of my extended family) lives in the central KS area, so it was good to reconnect with family and friends again. Making memories by taking horseback rides, going fishing, eating donuts with Grandpa, visiting the zoo, and in general being spoiled by all the grandparents, uncles and aunties made for a lovely time as far as the children were concerned! 🙂

Family Photo at Aunt Charis' wedding

Family Photo at Aunt Charis’ wedding

Two baby girls made their appearance in June, with both of them ending in lovely births. It’s always a special privilege to be involved when a baby makes it’s arrival…those first moments of a family being together for the first time, savoring the new baby looks, smells and cuddles are all so amazing and unique to each individual, and it makes me so grateful to be able to be a part of it!

Little baby K, and my sweet assistant Beth, who also helped me with the delivery of baby K's big sister!

Little baby K, and my sweet assistant Beth, who also helped me with the delivery of baby K’s big sister!

My little guy delighted to hold baby C. when she came for a visit!

My little guy delighted to hold baby C. when she came for a visit!

Another new development that has occurred recently is taking on a new student here at Gentle Delivery Childbirth Services.  At some point in the near future, I’d love to tell you more about Emily, but I’ll just give you a little teaser for now. 🙂 Those of you who are current clients will likely be meeting her in some of your upcoming visits, and from the interaction we’ve had so far, I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy her and her passion for serving mamas and babies in this special time of life. Emily is just getting started in her training, and I’m excited about having a steady assistant to help me out with visits and births during the months ahead!

September brought with it two little fellows, who both interestingly enough, decided to make their arrivals on Saturday nights! They both seem to be thriving, and if they continue at the present rate, won’t be little fellows for long! For both of these births, I had the assistance of Gretchen D, a midwife/assistant who lives nearby.

Baby R with Gretchen and myself

Baby R with Gretchen and myself

and here with baby L!

and here with baby L!

Hopefully it won’t be quite so long until next time…but there’s a little peek into my life the past while…and here’s a peek into what is to come, as birth kits are prepared for the upcoming fall babies!

Birth kits ready to be delivered to families at their home visits!

Birth kits ready to be delivered to families at their home visits!

Have a lovely fall, and thanks for your continued interest in the work here. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to take a peek at our facebook page: facebook.com/gentledelivery. And keep posted on the blog for new pages coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Random Life Happenings…

    • Thanks, Amy! I think I’m going to have more and more to learn from you in how to take care of and have fun with multiple little people around… 🙂

  1. So excited to hear that your family is growing… and that you’re past the worst part of the morning sickness! It’s also a joy to know more about how you are using God’s gifts to minister to families during this time of their lives. You are truly practicing pastoral care. With a great hug and hopes to see you on your next jaunt out to Kansas, Kristina

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