Summer Report…

Okay, I know it’s been forever since I’ve actually posted on this site, so my attempt now is to try to bring you all up to date with what has been going on in my life these past months. It would probably be easiest to do it in several shorter posts, so I’ll start with photos of some of the summer babies….

Kyler Maine

Sweet little Kyler was born in June, and after giving us quite a scare by her reluctance to breathe on her own, she is doing quite well. Her older siblings were delighted to have a baby in the house again!


Isabelle arrived in July-her mama was a real trooper! She has continued to grow into a beautiful girl, and I so enjoyed the time spent with her parents.


Little Jazmin came in August, being cooperative enough to wait until AFTER I had major wisdom tooth surgery and took a quick trip to PA. We were grateful for God’s timing in her delivery, and it was extra special to deliver this sweet bundle, as I had delivered her big brother close to two years before.

Here are Brandon & Jazmin & myself, when she was two days old.

Well, that should bring folks up to date with babies….and future posts will contain some other interesting, updated information about my life! 🙂

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