Enjoying sweet babies…

Last Sunday, my family and I enjoyed spending some time with a family who, incidentally, have two little ones whom I had the privilege of assisting with their arrivals into this world. My mom and sister had their cameras along, so we were having fun shooting pictures, and I thought I’d share some here. Today was special, as well, as I got to see a couple of little, and not-so-little people that I have delivered….one of those times when I just love my work and the people that I get to spend time with and become friends with over pregnancies and births. There’s nothing quite like being a midwife! 🙂

So fun to cuddle!

It's a trick to get us both looking at the camera...

Older brother Caleb knows exactly what to do to get Grace to grin.

After several tries, we finally got a semi-decent picture with Timothy AND Grace, with all of us looking happy!

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