Current Assistants/Students

I generally have one or two assistants/students with me at a birth. This enables things to flow smoothly, and provides help during the rare occasion when both mama and baby need attention at the same time. Midwifery is a skill that has been traditionally handed down via the apprenticeship model from one generation to the next. Having benefited from the midwives who trained me, and from the families who graciously allowed me to be part of their births, it’s my desire to help in training more midwives who can in turn serve others. Making you, the consumer, feel comfortable with your birth team is of utmost importance to me as well. If you have a preference about who and how many are in attendance, please feel free to talk about this in person at one of your prenatal visits! And please note, the assistant fee is covered in the total price for services, so there’s no additional cost for clients. I am also thankful to work with a back-up midwife, so you can rest assured that during the rare times I am unavailable (such as when two babies decide to come at once) or out of town, you will still be competently cared for!

Current Assistants:

IMG_20210512_165550845_2 Lanna Yarrison:

Lanna joined Gentle Delivery in Spring 2021 as an assistant with the interest of possibly pursuing midwifery training. With family members who have used midwives for maternity care, Lanna is familiar with the philosophy of midwifery care, and has quickly become a wonderful asset to our care team! Besides her interest in midwifery, she also has a love of farming, and attends births when she’s not milking cows (it’s always nice when babies cooperate with the milking schedule, which actually happens at times!). Her sweet sprit and caring heart will bless whoever has her present at their birth. 

20220122_095512Christine Lewis:

Christine first became interested in midwifery while pregnant with her first child. Positive experiences of midwifery care through one birth center birth and two subsequent home births have only made her more enthusiastic. She loves to learn about birth and is passionate about the care women receive throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Christine began assisting at the end of  2021 and is looking forward to attending more births in the future!


Birth Team: Kelsey, Christine & Lanna

Back-up Midwife and Assistant (present at high-risk births and/or when an extra assistant is needed or requested):


Rose Marie with one of her babies at the Celebrating Birth Expo

Rose Marie Spicher: Rose Marie was a licensed midwife in TX since the mid-1980’s, and has lots of experience caring for moms and catching babies! She recently relocated to Belleville, PA, where she has her  own practice and assists other local midwives. If you’re looking for a midwife in the area, I can highly recommend her, and I’m grateful to have her expertise for high-risk situations, as well as knowing she will provide great care for my own clients during times I am unavailable. She has also been my own midwife for my youngest three children born at home here in State College.


Rose Marie, Lynelle and Priscilla (another friend who has assisted me with several births!) with my youngest baby Tirzah, who was born in December 2019.


Rose Marie, Lynelle & Myself – birth team for twins!


Rose Marie, Myself, and the happy family of little Eliza!  Photo credits go to Linda Hummel @ Linda Hummel Photography

Past/Occasional Assistant:

Lynelle Martin:IMG_3558

Lynelle has had an interest in midwifery for some time (she had five of her children at home with midwives!), and she began assisting me with births in the summer of 2015, when I needed an extra set of hands AND a competent baby-sitter for my youngest (who was nursing, thus attending births with me!). With her own personal experience, as well as significant knowledge from self-study, she adds a gentle touch and intuitive input at births. Besides her occasional work assisting me, she also stays *busy* juggling many different activities, including homeschooling and helping with her family’s business  Sowers Harvest Cafe, a lovely cafe located in downtown State College. Check it out, and be sure to say hello to Lynelle or her husband, Bryant-they love to make new friends! 


Lynelle dressing baby C after her first bath

“Kelsey was the assistant at my daughters birth and we absolutely loved her. So very capable, thoughtful, and kind. We highly recommend her.”