For those looking into homebirth due to the current COVID-19 crisis: Please take the time to read this article and consider your foundational reasons for considering homebirth & midwifery care. This should be an option you feel like you are philosophically and emotionally aligned with, as that will allow you to relax and prepare mentally for the responsibilities that home birth requires.

I have chosen to not require masks for office visits (my office is in my home). This means that those attending regular appointments in my office will most likely come into contact with others that are not masked, whether it’s my own children or other clients and their families, and I like to make people aware of this before they choose to pursue care with my services. If you prefer to use a midwife who takes a different approach, there is another local option you may pursue!

My assistants and myself make supporting and maintaining health a priority, though we have chosen to take a natural, proactive & holistic approach. I ask families to take responsibility for caring for their health, and clients are asked to reschedule visits if they are sick. For those interested in learning more about how to support your immune system in a healthy way during pregnancy, you may want to check out my post here called Immune Support for Pregnancy.

We also try to maintain reasonable cleanliness and sanitary protocols. If it makes clients more comfortable, we’re happy to mask while in your home (we always honor your preferences while in your home, whether it’s this or any other factor!) and of course, I’m always happy to answer any specific questions you might have concerning these issues!

Thank you for your understanding as we all try to navigate these crazy, unprecedented times!

I love Kelsey!! She is an amazing midwife! I birthed two children in the hospital then my younger two at home with Kelsey as my midwife, as well as her incredible assistant Lynelle. They both bring such a comforting, supportive, joyful, and positive energy which lifted my spirits at appointments especially with anxiety I felt being pregnant during a pandemic. Kelsey is extremely educated and stays informed on evidence-based practice. She has answers to all your questions which helped me ask the “what ifs” and feel confident in my care. Kelsey is very “no pressure” also and fully honored and respected my needs and preferences, which was so important. If I wanted to change care, ok! If I wanted to decline or accept a test, ok! Kelsey educated me on my choices and let me decide. Nothing is personal and Kelsey’s #1 prerogative is that the mother feels safe and comfortable and is empowered to make the choices to support her own care. I cannot recommend Kelsey enough!!